Commonly Used Equipment For Cable Hauling

Over the years the technology for cable hauling equipment has remained pretty much the same. Several experts say that grips don’t need change because they aren’t complicated. The thing is, if the method is working perfectly fine then why do you need to switch?


Here is the most commonly used equipment for hauling:

  • Pulling Grips

This is mainly used for removing and installing cables in sheaves, drains and ducts. It also helps the cable to pass through distribution lines and overhead transmitters. Using this device eliminates all chances of snagging and prevents the cable from kinking, straining the conductors and bending. The pulling grips come in different sizes with several changeable fittings and heads.

  • Support Grips

This equipment is used for supporting the weight of static, bendable cable in slanted runs. The good about these grips are that they distribute the weight of the run equally and absorb the strain caused by contraction, expansion and vibration quite well. The support grips are for one time use only, once you have put them in place they are supposed to stay there.

  • Optical Fiber Grips

This is the new alternative to the heavy weight pulling grips, made with optic fiber. These grips are easy to carry and non-corrosive. The weave holds both diameters, small grip for strength and jacket, securely. It also reduces the strain on the jacket.

While everything in the telecommunication is changing rapidly, you’d be relieved to know that there is some sort of stability. However, some changes are inevitable but they are minor and nothing too fancy. The basic purpose of the pulling equipment is to make the running of cable simple and easy. These support fiber, aluminum and copper depending on the way it is used.

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